Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner - Pool Cleaner with Large Filter Basket and Tangle-Free Swivel Cord for Swimming Pool Debris

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  • 【Efficient cleaning】 Different from other models equipped with TPE brushes, the kenwell automatic pool cleaner uses a combination of TPE and PVA, which has the characteristics of a PVA brush, which can provide super adsorption capacity and excellent grip, which can easily and strongly corrode various Garbage, such as leaves, buds, hard dirt and debris, etc., is ideal for cleaning underground and above-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet high.
  • 【Humanized Design】 Schedule the robotic pool cleaner to automatically clean your pool by every 1 hours, 1.5 hours and 3 hours.You can know the status of your robotic pool cleaner through the indicator lights. Allows you to better check whether the machine is malfunctioning.
  • 【Climbs Wonderfully】 This robotic vacuum cleaner can climbs the walls automatically and can easily clean the fine dust or tough dirt on the wall. The anti-rollover technology let you not worry about it falling. With tangle-free cable to make the cleaning process smoother.
  • 【2 Large Top Load Filter】 Built-in large and easy access top loading filter basket traps and locks in dirts and debris leaving your swimming pool extremely clean, also the filter cleaning is very simple. Just need to pour out the garbage and clean it with water.
  • 【Ease of Use】Light weight and assembled in-ground robotic cleaner make it easy to use, compare to other vacuums, you don’t need to spend manual labor, just drop it and let it go. Robotic pool cleaner can be equipped with a shining LED bar around the body,by which the robot will illuminnate the pool at night and offer a nice feeling.
    • Please do not allow children to ride on it or play with it as a toy.
    • Before power-on, make sure the filters be assembled and the cable be fully released to avoid any winding, which could affect the cleaner’s performance or cause damage.
    • In order to avoid any accident or damage, it is strongly recommended to fix the power supply indoor in at least 3.5m away from the swimming pool edge
    Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Kuppet Pool Vacuum will keep your swimming pool clean and let you and your family and friends enjoy the happy hour in the pool.
    Personal Style Made Affordable
    Quickly and affordably refreshyour space to suit your person-al style with VASAGLE
    • Rated input voltage: 220VAC (230VAC)/110VAC (120VAC)F
    • requency: 50Hz/60HzO
    • utput voltage: DC20VP
    • ower: 200WC
    • leaning cycle: 2H/3H/4HF
    • ilter capacity: appr. 20m³/h F
    • ilter density: 10μmM
    • oving speed: appr. 12.5m/minM
    • water depth: 2m
    Fine and ultra-fine filters for superior filtration. Extra-large top loading filter basket traps leaves, dirt and even small debris you can’t see
    With just a simple setting, you can clean the pool as frequently as you like and enjoy a pleasant, healthy pool all the time.Power supply needs to be placed in a proper position so as to reach the coverage for the whole pool, meanwhile as least 3.5m away from the swimming pool edge.
    A swivel cord can help prevent tangles and allows the robots to move easily and efficiently around your swimming pool making clean-up a breeze In order to have a better performance of climbing slope, please assemble 1-2 pcs of top floater 10cm above the protective tube of the cable.
    Product Description: 
    Package Dimensions30.22 x 22.14 x 12.69 inches
    Pool TypeMedium/Large
    Filter density180μm
    Working cycle2h/3h/4h
    Climb slopeWall Climbing Function
    Cable length18m
    IP grade

    Cleaner IPX8

    Power supply: IPX5

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