KUPPET Food Dehydrator, Machine Digital Temperature Control, Electric Food Dehydrator, Clear

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  • Constant temperature setting and timing function: For different types of food, the constant temperature setting can ensure that the inherent nutritional value of the food is not damaged according to the characteristics of the food; the timing function ensures that you can quickly enjoy dehydrated food processed at the optimal temperature and the most suitable time.
  • 7 removable trays: 100% BPA-Free Trays*7, you can place all kinds of food freely according to your own preferences, large capacity, to meet the needs of large families. You don't need to go out, you can enjoy cheap, zero-added healthy food immediately with a simple operation, which is safe and assured.
  • Easy to clean and save space: all trays of the fruit dryer are detachable and can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. The body is small and convenient for storage.
  • UL certification: The dried fruit machine has passed UL certification and meets food safety standards, so you can eat with confidence.
  • Quality service; kuppet aims to provide you with the best quality products and the most intimate after-sales service. If you have any questions about the kuppet dryer, please feel free to contact us.
  • The powerful drying function of the drier will quickly bring you different tastes and different food experiences. The removable 100% BPA-free tray* 7, easy to clean
    Set controllable temperature and adjustable time, process all kinds of fruits and meat, and enjoy the fun of food brought by the fruit dryer at any time
    360-degree uniform drying, you can process the uneaten food at home at any time and store it for future needs to avoid food waste /div>
    KUPPET Food Dehydrator with 7 BPA-Free Trays 245W, 120V /60HZ electronic
    • Adjustable temperature and timer, rotary button, one-key operation.
    • 100% BPA-free pallet* 7, to meet your needs for large capacity
    • Movability, easy to clean, save storage space.
    • The adjustable thermostat keeps the nutrition of the food to the utmost extent, with zero addition and no pollution.
    • Adopting unique reflux drying system, fast drying speed.
    Kuppet Appliances has always adhered to the concept of "innovation, intelligence, green and safety", and has been striving to become a leader in the household appliance industry, creating the safest and safest lifestyle for consumers.
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